You cannot give what you don’t have!

by iffat

July 20, 2018, 1:53 a.m.

Have you ever gone out to eat or shop all by yourself, without any agenda? It’s great if you take yourself out 😊

But for me, for the kind of person i was, I’d wait for my friends or my family to join me in wherever I’d go.

I liked being around them more than I did with myself. And I’m quite sure most of you do the same ☺ It’s always fun to be around people you love. But what do you do, when your mind craves for something more, you’d ignore, telling it “this is what my life is, and this is my world, I’m nothing without them” 🤔 Do you relate? These are dangerous sentences to be used, if you are using them “STOP IT” YOU ARE ENOUGH FOR YOURSELF! YOU’VE GOT EVERYTHING IT TAKES TO MAKE IT! Yes you are, but that doesn’t mean you dont need a support system. Hell yeah , you do , I do , we all do! But before looking for a support system Find yourself first! Is it an excuse, so you don’t listen to your heart or your mind, that directs you to being better, making yourself happy, finding your true being? Why do we often neglect ourselves? Because we feel we don’t deserve a better life. Because we think we are better off wherever we are. Because we think it’s selfish to think about ourself. Well is that so? If that’s the case then, let me tell you a “Universal Truth” You cannot give what you don’t have!!!

Yeah, I realised that, and like all the Great People who I truly admire and follow, all my Gurus and Mentors taught me this really important lesson in life.

So I started taking myself out for dinners and shopping. Travel has always been an important part of my life, it’s mostly been with friends and family, but guess what, now I travel solo often for work or leisure, and I totally love it 😊 I’ve discovered loads of things about myself which I wouldn’t have otherwise. And the best part, when a child I’d write really well, as I grew up I totally lost that knack. I’m happy I’ve found it again, just by being with myself! ☺

Is there a habit that you broke yourself free of? Is there some challenges that you overcame? Or some beliefs you changed?

What are they?

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