I restarted my life at 27!

by iffat

July 20, 2018, 1:53 a.m.

What does being Breakfree mean?

It’s getting rid of the barriers that stop you from being You or doing what you Dream to. It’s the Power to say “NO” for you know you are meant for greater things. It’s feeling “Limitless” and knowing that there is nothing that can stop you from becoming what you are meant to be. It’s the “Strong Will” to choose the path, no matter how difficult it is, and to BOLDLY keep walking. It’s being BREAKFREE!!

I’ve never shared my life or my story publicly, this will be the First Time, and I stay committed to being a Breakfree Expert!

Here’s how I restarted my Life at age 27.

“I restarted my life at 27!

You can always restart your life at any age you want to. Though you may ask “ It’s easy to say, but how?”

I have done it and here’s how 🙂

The right question is “Why”

Why do you want to restart your life?

Once the why is strong enough, the how becomes really simple!

So I had my “Why” in place, I knew I always had to be an Entrepreneur, I felt trapped in the mundane, it was something more than money, luxury or a lifestyle. It was “My Calling” I felt out of place no matter how many accolades I received in my professional career. There was this constant voice which kept saying, “You don’t belong here ” It kept saying ” You’re an Entrepreneur” It kept saying “Get Rid of your Barriers” you’re meant for the Greater Good. You’re meant to serve the humanity through your creations. I swear these words never ever left me until I finally took the plunge! I trashed the old me, everything that stopped me to live, or feel alive where I felt stuck, anything or anyone that did not help me be Me, I trashed it! I took a leap of faith, gave up on my 8 yr old corporate career with a good paycheck and a comfortable life, and plunged into freelancing and consulting! That’s where my journey began from being stuck in a corporate rut and not knowing where I was heading, to today doing what I really Love and running two awesome ventures and one being Femipreneur (I am in Love with 🙂 Third one in progress 😁

To Now where I am known as a Breakfree Expert, a Business strategist and an Entrepreneur working with Renowned Celebrity Coaches and well known successful CEOs to students to professionals, including startups to colleges to NGOs.

The growth has been immense and it’s worth everything.

So you can restart your life anytime provided you know how strong is your “Why,” but, make sure it’s worth it. You must be willing to give your all to your New Life 🙂

Comment and let us know you too overcame your FEAR and followed your heart for once. Be a part of the Breakfree cult! I DID IT! ITS YOUR TURN NOW 😊 Lets keep inspiring for “The World needs your Light” Power of Being Breakfree 👍

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