Do you not get sleep without watching an episode of your favorite series?

by iffat

July 20, 2018, 1:55 a.m.

Do you love the daily soaps on television? Are you glued to your tv for reality shows? Do you not get sleep without watching an episode of your favorite series?

I too did that, But a decade ago!

Well now for the past 10 yrs, i hardly look at my television once or twice a month.

Well “Strange” isn’t it? That’s what i hear when people ask, did you watch that show? And i’d be like “I dont remember,” with a confused look on my face.

Honestly this one i didn’t plan or purposely work on. It just happened as i grew up! I got fond of acquiring knowledge, self development, learning and development.

I remember watching “Small wonder” Or “I dream of Genie” Or “Jungle book” Or “Talespin” for that matter And the list is really long, I’d watch them all day.

As a child, I didn’t love my school books as much, but I loved the Library 📚 coz that was my “Disneyland” So for the past decade my love for books grew fonder. And I’d be lost in them.

My journey into Self development started really young though, but I’ve been a really naughty, active and a playful kid, and that’s why I’m Grateful for what i do today.

So here is how I Breakfree from television into Books, how about you?

Is there any habit or a behavior that you broke free of, rituals that didn’t serve you any good, that you had to dump?

I’m quite sure you did, so you must play along, write #BREAKFREE and pass on this challenge to anyone who you want to play with, ask them to write #BREAKFREE and post a picture of themselves.