“From depression to anxiety, I’ve gone through all resulting in several other illnesses!”

by iffat

July 20, 2018, 1:52 a.m.

So here’s how I went from binging on junk to listening to my body! When you move in to a different city, and you get into a job, all you can think of are pizzas, and burgers, and when in India, who can miss on Biryani? Well yeah, that’s what I’ve lived on for good couple of years! My morning started with pizzas and the dinners ended with biryani continuously for years together! I wouldn’t even get tired of eating that! When you’re a bachelor (I know most can relate to this 😂)

Maggi is always the saviour!! 🙏

With the constant reminders from my mom and dad, of how important it is to avoid junk and prepare something at home which is healthier and nutritious for the body. I could hardly care and laze away. Yes! Laziness it was 😶

I didn’t care as I couldn’t manage my time well to prepare a meal for myself. I’d be tired most of the time, and when you’re working for the US, well yeah night shifts!! It was further more tiring missing on my sleep, eating junk, and working nights!!

This will resonate with most of you working in a different city and doing night shifts or working on your first job.

So that was basically the lifestyle I adopted, which honestly did more harm than anything!

I gained weight 🙅 I’d feel tired all the time and my body didn’t feel healthy at all!

I couldn’t read, Not even a page! Forget writing 🙍

The creative me was rusted, I felt rusted.

From depression to anxiety, I’ve gone through all resulting in several other illnesses!

A major part was the food I had and also the lifestyle I adopted!

Anything in EXCESS is dangerous, (too much Love is also dangerous 😵)

Love becomes obsession which requires elimination and especially when it’s food(I didn’t realize but this rhymes 😬)

So I couldn’t continue that way, and I Broke free of my shitty food habits and listened to my body. (P.S I still binge junk sometimes, rarely, I’m a happy foodie🤓)

Yes your body speaks, you have to be mindful of listening and understanding what it demands.

Remember when you overeat? It signals through fatigue and breathlessness, isn’t it?

And the moment you take too much sugar? Your energy spikes and drops instantly making you dizzy.

And when you eat light, you stay energetic and happy.

Your food determines your mood 🙂 This is how I Breakfree, how about you?

Are there any unhealthy habits you broke yourself free of? So here is what I switched to.

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